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The Brief

Create a logo for a brand new event focused on decarbonisation; including energy efficiency, low-carbon heat generation and smart transport.

Buzz Words

  • Green
  • Futuristic
  • Environment
  • Positive change
  • Collaborative
  • Transformational
  • Smart
  • Industrial
  • Global
  • Integrated
  • Eco-system
  • Multi-industry
  • Carbon-Free
  • Connected

The challenge

  • To create a design that stood out from competitors, as well as the umbrella brand logo, All-Energy.
  • Ensure a separation between the capitalised ‘D’and ‘carbonise’ in order to emphasise the ‘D’.
  • Avoid any designs that look too technical, appealing to end-users.
  • Show a sense of movement and reduction.
  • Complex enough design elements to help with getting the logo trademarked.
  • Include 3 pillars in the design, referring to heat, energy and transport.


The process

Sourcing and editing suitable imagery and creating bespoke illustrations

dcarbonise logo option

Reference to carbon molecules.

dcarbonise logo option

Reference to switches (switching off/lowering carbon footprint).

Sense of movement and introduction of lowercase lettering.

dcarbonise logo option

Idea of graph, showing the lowering carbon emissions.




Our client chose the final design for it’s use fresh colouring and reference to the reduction of carbon emissions, using dots to represent this.

Not only did we complete the logo design but we also provided the client with a set of brand guidelines and examples of how the logo (and its devices) could be used across any marketing material in the future.

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