Sign-off in style with html email signatures


As professionals, we all send a lot of emails to current and potential clients, so it is very important to sign-off in a way that is positive and personal but still reflects the brand we are connected to.

According to Clikit Media:

  • 15,000 emails are sent by a typical employee per year
  • 85% of all workplace communication goes through email
  • Links included in emails have a 9% click-through rate
  • Emails have the highest open rate of any marketing channel

…so getting it right and making it work for your business is pretty important.

A strong email signature is attention-grabbing, but professional. It’s not flashy, but it’s not bland either and we highly recommend that it be build using HTML. See why in our blog about HTML design here.

Below is an example of an HTML email signature we created for our client, Excotek. As well as the sender’s name and contact details, it features their logo (also designed by us!) which links directly to their website, links to social media pages and supporting logos.


excotek business email signature design


Another design we’ve created was for Searchfield Developments. Below, you’ll see that this is fully responsive; looking great on tablets and mobiles, so they can rest assured that their clients will always see the best of their brand.

Searchfield Developments email signature for desktop
Desktop view


Searchfield Developments email signature for mobile
Mobile view


From a design perspective, we’ve kept them both simple, however, building them using html code can be far from simple! We often ask our clients to give us approximately two working days to complete the finished and functional signature but it’s totally worth the wait and here’s why…



Branding – having your logo at the bottom of an email looks very professional and the design should compliment your brand, reminding the recipient who they are working with.

Links to different sites – Your email is usually the place people go to not only get direct contact details but also to look for quick links to social media pages and websites; a great way to keep your clients connected to you.

Advertising – If you have an upcoming event or a seasonal celebration, your email signature can be used to promote this.

­­­Images – Adding a bioimage (an image of yourself) to the signature is a great way to give it a personal touch and build relationships with your clients.



We can’t think of any! But a small thing to consider would be how you’d go about updating your signature, for example, if a surname needed to be changed. If you are unfamiliar with coding this can be tricky, but shouldn’t happen too often and we’re always here to help!

In conclusion, we believe that signatures should be considered with as much thought as a web banner or email campaign as it has the potential to generate new leads and leave a lasting impression on clients. Get in touch to discuss yours!