The Effectiveness of Gifs/Animations


Gifs or animations are a dynamic way of engaging with your clients or customers.

They can be used in very different ways; from large to small, humorous or sophisticated, playful or subtle but all effective at catching the eye. A simple moving animation can make a whole lot of difference in terms of the user experience and interaction.

Some of the ways animations can be used effectively are:


An animated banner can be used as a cool introduction to an email or to accompany text on a social media post. On websites, they can even have sound added to them, however, we recommend that the user should have the option to have it on or off to avoid any annoyance. Below is an animated social media post we created for Corporate Traveller for the new year:

CT animated gif


When advertising online you are often competing with a lot of other information, so animating your advert text, images or icons can be a great way to stand out from the crowd. We designed the below for Open Broadcast Systems; a simple yet effective banner advert:


These are the animations that activate upon hovering or clicking. These subtle movements create a more interactive experience on a website and may encourage viewers to click-through to find out more.


Images or illustrations are needed to break up the content on a page. Animating them adds extra interest and can be used to transition between pages which often keeps visitors on site for longer. Animating your logo is another way to draw attention to your business as we’ve done with Momentum Children’s Charity’s 15 year logo below:

Momentum Charity gif

In conclusion…

As great as animation looks, it is important to make sure the style fits the purpose of the project as well as your brand. Much like images, an animation with no correlation to the subject matter is useless and ineffective. For example, fast and flashing movement with bright colour changes could work for a youthful sports brand but not so well for spa and relaxation business targeted at mature adults.