Happy client, happy agency

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As we enter the beginning of 2020, we’ve compiled a list of 20 tips on how we like to work in order to create the best working experience with our clients. These tips help build a healthy and happy relationship between client and agency, and instill trust for future work.

  • Good communication – Staying in contact and keeping up-to-date is essential to ensure everyone knows where they stand. Checking-in regularly during long projects reassures that you are important to us and we’ve not forgotten your needs.
  • Fee transparency – After all, this is business, so we want to be open about our fees. This helps you to budget and understand what is available to you.
  • Honesty – We are always truthful about our work. Any errors or unforeseen problems will be flagged as soon as possible, and, of course, addressed promptly.
  • Research – We aim to get to know you as much as you know us. Doing our research will help us understand your business and what you want to achieve, which will make our solution more successful.
  • Boundaries – There are some limitations on what we can and can’t do for you as a business but we would always make this clear to you before any contract is made. This could be due to timescale, budget or workload.
  • Trust – We develop a healthy and trusting relationship with all of our clients by delivering work of a professional standard time and time again.
  • Examples – We have a wide portfolio of work for you to browse through and get an idea of what we can achieve for your business. Can’t see what you looking for? Contact us and we can show you more or discuss creating some samples for you.
  • Clarity – If anything is unclear or overwhelming, we are just a phone call away. Our team is happy to break things down so that there is a clear understanding of any project – no matter how small.
  • Recommendations – We are proud to have many positive testimonials from past and current clients, so aim to continue this standard for the foreseeable future. Your recommendations mean a lot, so please do continue to pass our details onto your colleagues.
  • Personality – We are a creative bunch and we want you to get to know us not only as a team but as individuals. Each WonDesigner has unique skills and we’ll do our best to match you with a creative who it best suited to your needs.

  • Face-to-face meetings – Not only do we have a meeting room for you to visit us at our offices but we are willing to come to you. Sometimes, meeting in person can feel a little more secure and can spark some brand new ideas. Contact us to arrange a consultation.
  • Planning – Having a clear schedule means hitting deadlines and reaching targets. After all… failing to plan means planning to fail!
  • Fairness – We are always fair when it comes to maintaining a balance between client and designer happiness. All of our clients deserve equal respect and attention, no matter how small or large the project.
  • Confidence – Our team of designers have a combined total of almost 35 years of industry experience, as well as buckets of natural creativity, so we are confident that you’re in safe hands!
  • New skills – In order to stay relevant and on-trend, we are consistently renewing and broadening our skill sets to meet and exceed demand.
  • Negotiation and compromise – You have the drive and we have the skills, vice versa or sometimes a bit of both! We all have something valuable to bring to the table, so being able to tie these together and compromise for the greater good is a skill in itself.
  • Understanding – Some things in business are out of your control and we understand that. All we ask is that you drop us a line as soon as you can if anything in your circumstances changes in a way that affects our project with you.
  • Supportive and responsive – We’re here to help. From tutorials to web maintenance, we always aim to make you feel secure and supported during the design phase and beyond. Unlike many other agencies, at WonDesigns you can get in direct contact with your allocated designer for almost instant support and amendments.
  • Creativity – Needless to say, as creatives we know how to think outside the box and develop ideas that may go against the grain but still work very well. Trust our expertise and you can come away with an innovative and lucrative solution to your requirements.
  • Loyalty – We are very pleased to have loyal returning clients. We value you gratefully and will do what we can to continue providing this much loved service in a fair and friendly way.


We hope this helps you to understand what WonDesigns will be bringing to the table in 2020 (and beyond) and look forward to working with you soon! Get in touch to start your journey with us today.