HTML5 is the way forward

html 5 blog header

HTML5 is the optimal way to make banner adverts, email signatures, newsletters and responsive websites.


HTML5 is the latest update of the Hypertext Markup Language… that’s tech-talk for language for creating web pages and web applications. It is used to describe the final content and design.

Benefits of HTML designs

SAY NO TO SPAM. You might be using just an image as your email signature, but really, you shouldn’t be – even if the image looks great and has a lot of useful information in it. If you use just an image, your text:image ratio will be too low (as a general rule, there needs to be more text than images included in the body of your email messages), which will force your message to go into the recipient’s junk mail and may not be seen. HTML email signatures reduce the chance of your email being treated as spam.

CLICK AWAY. HTML allows you to make different parts of the design clickable. It can then take your viewers/recipients to different links, for example, each of your social media icons can click through to the correct site. Whereas, if you use a single image, the whole banner can only link to one place.

COOL DESIGNS. Creating a visual impact is key to successful marketing. We can customise an email template, add your brand colours and logo which, not only looks great but also reinforces your brand. Your promotions become stronger when you show images and offer additional information through a clickable call-to-action.

HIGHER ENGAGEMENT. Your email readers typically aren’t looking to read long paragraphs of information. They want to scan your email quickly, pick out the main points, and determine what’s important to them and as visuals are processed faster than text, HTML emails help you get your message across more effectively.