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Newtri-fis Website

The Brief

Newtri-fis approached us to create and develop their brand, including logo, colour scheme and elements, as well as to design and build their new website to promote their services. Services include physiotherapy, nutrition advice, mentoring, speaking and lifestyle behaviour interventions.

Buzz Words

  • Holistic
  • Bespoke service
  • Specialist
  • Professionaland qualified
  • Accessible
  • Health
  • Wellness
  • Mind, body and spirit

The challenge

  • Design and develop their new brand & secure the appropriate domain name.
  • Maintain a professional tone and image whilst ensuring the services appear accessible and friendly; the target audience is everyone, so we needed to be inclusive of all. We ensured this through our friendly colour palette and image selection.
  • To cater to both the physio and the lifestyle/health aspects of the business, as well as promoting the client’s book in a way that is not too cluttered, overwhelming or confusing for visitors.
  • It was important that we understood the clients’ business very well, so not confuse the two messages (physio and lifestyle), while still encouraging up-selling the services.


The process

Design a logo, choose a colour palette, fonts and add design elements...

Our client had no logo or colour scheme, so this was our first step. We chose a wide range of complimentary colours that were easy and soothing on the eye; reflecting the nature of the business.

For the website we planned to use deep blues for the physio sections and the pinks and purples for lifestyle. This will visually help the user understand where they were within the site.

We used forward slashes with a light gradient and bands of opacity as design elements. The shapes suggest change and forward motion which ties into the brand’s ethos; it is all about change and going from less to more, from feeling not at your best to feeling free and light.

Source suitable imagery to accompany each section of text...

A mixture of stock and bespoke photographs is ideal. The business owners are a husband and wife team that work very well together, so we wanted their energy to show in the brand.


Develop and design mock ups for the new website...

Using the images, colour palette and design elements we were able to design and send mock-ups to the client as PDFs. This site is quite content heavy so taking out some images while still retaining the balance of graphics and copy was important.

Once the homepage design was agreed upon, we started to build the site based on the concept.

The chosen home page design includes all the main services which encourages the user to click on what they’re are most interested in. There is also a form at the bottom of the page making it easy to reach out to the business. As there are so many different reasons to contact the business, we offered a form with selection options for ease.

Finalising brand guidelines

We were then able to develop and finalise a set of brand guidelines to help the client (and us) in future projects, ensuring consistency and professionalism.




Our team ensures that each site not only looks great but is also built efficiently and professionally.

This involved...

Secure pages

We want all our sites to look the best they can and be up-to-date, favourably ranked and secure so we only create SSL certified sites.

Since July 2018 all browsers flag and notify the user when a site has no certificate which can be anything from mentioning the site is ‘not secure’, to having a broken padlock by the URL, or both.

TIP: Not having an SSL certificate hurts our clients, so we always advise having one to get the most out of the investment.

Trouble-shooting and bug fixes

During the project our client’s range of services grew, which meant the number of pages need did also.

We always take care to ensure our sites are scalable, however, this needed some adaptation for optimum usability. We decided to split the navigation bar so that the left side focussed on physiotherapy and the right side, on lifestyle.

Testing and responsivity

Overall, we tend to design the site with all testing in mind, so that we don’t get to the end of the site and realise we have major structural issues. In some cases, certain information or images are not really workable on a mobile, in this case, the area will either be reworked to make sense or removed if there is no real way to ensure it works properly on that device.With the Newtri-fis site, there was an issue with the mobile version of the menu; it didn’t link. We had to recode that area to ensure it worked as intended.


As we do on all sites, we offer a maintenance plan which is tailored to the client. On this site, we will be proposing a basic maintenance, which includes security and backups, as well as ensuring it is as up-to-date as possible. We get rid of any spam and keep a daily eye on the safety of the site.

The Solution

A clean, dynamic and responsive multi-page website including complimentary imagery, icons and a strong colour theme. This was Newtri-fis’ very first website, so we wanted to make sure that it was a smooth and enjoyable experience. Over and above this, their success was a very strong motivation for us.

Visit to see it live.

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