Establish credibility and build confidence in your business with references and testimonials

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As consumers, we often ask others about a product before we invest; the same goes for hotels, businesses and services.

We trust businesses which have positive and honest references and testimonials by real people because there’s reliability in numbers!

Testimonials work as a great sales pitch, providing details about the customer experience that you may not even think about; helping you to develop and understand what your strengths are. They also give your business a personable feel, which is why they are a great way to show off a little! But how do you get them onto your website without the hassle of chasing customers and knowledge of website coding?


Here’s where Appruvo steps in…

Appruvo is an intelligent system that makes it easy to get testimonials directly from clients and display them on your website. They believe that ‘great customer service is the hallmark of every successful business’ and understand the effectiveness of references and testimonials when attracting new clients. It’s a simple, one-click process which is perfect for busy business owners and you can sign up for free.


Benefits include:

  • showing as many references as you’d like
  • pre-set questions for clients
  • a gentle reminder to clients who’ve forgotten to respond and
  • no more outdated references.

We’ve worked with Approvu ourselves and we’re thrilled with the results too.

Take a look on our website as an example here and why not sign up to start your own campaign here.