Website Design

We primarily design and develop WordPress websites, but also create websites using Joomla, Drupal and Magento. By combining the creativity of designers with the technical skills of developers, our custom solutions make the most of your online presence.
Ecommerce website

We design and develop full online shops that represent your brand and attract the right customers. We know WordPress and understand its strengths and limitations, so combined with our developing skills, we can push your website to the next level.

We integrate the right plugins that won't slow your website down and also incorporate the best security for your site. Additionally, if you require user-friendly copy, want us to maintain and host your site – we can do this all under one roof.

Our skilled team produce high-value and high-performance websites. We are confident that you will see your sales soar with a new e-commerce site. Contact us today to start. Visit our portfolio to view a range of e-commerce websites that we have created.

Website hosting

There are different hosting requirements for different businesses - we cover them all! A common factor in all our hosting is that it is UK-based, includes an SSL certificate and is continuously monitored with help on-hand.

You will find cheaper hosting on the market, but, like anything, you are paying for what you get. Our hosting is WordPress ready, using the latest PHP and is continuously updated and checked for security. Additionally, you can move your site (as it is) to any other hosting should you wish to. Many other hosting plans are married to your website, so if you want to move the site, you have to rebuild it.

Our entry-level hosting package includes one website on a shared platform. This means that your website is hosted with other websites, allowing us to offer competitive pricing. For sites that require a much bigger and tightly-locked server, we offer dedicated hosting. Dedicated hosting means that your website is the only one on the server offering extra security but does come at a much higher price (a starting price of approximately £1,000 excluding VAT). An additional benefit of the dedicated hosting plan is that we have had 100% uptime to date!

Contact us to host your website(s). You can move your existing site to our servers, or we can build your website on our server from scratch; we are always flexible.

Intranet website

Intranet system

All businesses require an intranet; big or small. If you have ever looked into it, you may have found that there is no single affordable and completely consolidated tool on the market that supports your business' administration needs. An intranet can plug that gap, offering you an affordable and flexible tool, which will include:

  • Holiday requests and approval (with a calendar to see who is on leave)
  • Secure, admin-only access to the teams' confidential information
  • Latest announcements
  • A section for company policies and updates
  • Automated new employee welcome email
  • Team performance assessment and review are

Our intranet doubles up as an online HR system, all in one! We do understand that all businesses are different and therefore require different solutions, so we work with you to will pin-point your areas of need and create an intranet to suit. The hosting of your intranet will depend on what works best for you, but of course, we can handle all that!

Contact us to set up your intranet and streamline your business admin.

Website maintenance plan

gaap placements websiteEvery website is a living and breathing (okay maybe not breathing) entity. If you don't maintain your website, at best it will date and at worst it will eventually crash! As WordPress has the highest market share of all CMS sites, most of the websites that we maintain are WordPress (though we do manage Magneto and Joomla as well). WordPress is continuously updated to improve security and keep up with the latest trends and improvements. Without these updates, your website is left somewhat vulnerable.

Our monthly maintenance plan covers all aspects of your site, from blogging, copy and/or image amends, small layout adjustments and keeping a keen eye on the security of your website. Safety is key!

We like to be proactive, so we send you suggestions for improvements that you may wish to implement on your site too.

Choose us to maintain your website. Visit our portfolio to view a range of sites which we support every month.

One page website

Powerful single-page websites are just as capable of establishing a strong online presence than a multi-page one. We design engaging single-page website with full content and copywriting service to help you elevate your brand online. We can also host your site and maintain it each month so you can spend your time on your clients rather than your website. And if you prefer to manage your site yourself, that is no problem; we will give you the keys.

We have developed a plethora of websites across all industries. We immerse ourselves into our clients' businesses to get to know them thoroughly. The better we understand your business and your team, the better the result of your website.

So, whatever the purpose, our skilled team can produce a well-thought-out, professional one-page website design for your business. Contact us to begin the process. Visit our portfolio to view a range of single page sites we have created.

Search Engine Optimisation

We build all our websites with SEO in mind, but Google changes the way it crawls websites regularly, so we are continually competing for that golden position at the top of the page.

We will create an SEO plan for your new or existing website that helps you reach your organic traffic goals. If at all possible, we always recommend implementing SEO before we start your design, but either way, we will get your website seen.

We tailor your SEO plan to your budget and expectations. Generally, we start with an audit of both your site and your competitors’ sites, run keyword research and then apply our findings to your business. We provide you with a monthly report to see how we are tracking. SEO is a bit of an art, and we understand the balance between trialling new keywords and focusing on the core keywords that get your business seen. To boost your SEO efforts, we may couple this work with social media campaigns, articles, blogs and white papers depending on your budget and goals.

Bring us on board to manage your SEO; together, we'll grow your organic traffic.

Website design & development

Looking for a new or updated website? Wondesigns is your web design team.

From brochure-style websites to complex e-commerce development; we do it all. What makes us stand out from our competitors is how we treat each site individually to retain freshness and branding - we don't believe that one size fits all. If you are ready for a professional, fully-managed website, let’s talk!

Unless otherwise agreed, we will send you more than one design concept of the homepage, which gives you the option of choice - collaboration is key. Our website design service also includes two revisions because we are confident in our quality of work, so this is all you should need.

Contact us to get started on your website and transform your brand online. Visit our portfolio to view a range of websites that we have created.

Website updates

Patricia shepherd newsletter gifIf you have a website (whether it was designed and built by us or not), we can make ad-hoc updates for you. We could change a small image, amend copy, initiate development updates, or we could bolt on an eCommerce shop to your website. If you require monthly maintenance, we tailor a maintenance plan to your needs.

We immerse ourselves in your business to ensure that we understand the best way to present your website.
We are responsive, enthusiastic and skilled, and ready to help you make the most of your website investment. Contact us and let us keep your website up-to-date.

Why WonDesigns?

  • e consider all disciplines of web design, UX and SEO, keeping you visible to client and Google!
  • We are quick off the mark and always stick to deadlines
  • We are flexible and friendly; we genuinely enjoy what we do
  • In most cases, we include two rounds of changes in your quote
  • Our elegant designs are unique and just for you
  • We share everything so that you aren't locked-in. Work with us because you want to!
  • Creative and corporate solutions all under our roof, including design, websites, digital and print

Let's talk costing

Budgeting is critical to any business; below is a price list which will give you clarity on our pricing.

You can build a 'do-it-yourself' website for cheaper, but our designs are affordable and offer great value. Our ethos is to charge a fair price for an excellent service and product. When choosing the right agency, service and 'value for money' has to be considered, and this is where we excel! We take the burden of designing, managing and hosting your website, from start to finish and beyond.


eCommerce website

Hosting Business


Maintenance plan

One page website

SEO Plan

Website design

Website updates



  • completely new design using your company branding
  • build of 5 x responsive pages
  • shop to include a maximum of 20 products
  • set up of paywall using Stripe / PayPal or clients preferred online payment
  • pull current blogs across into new website
  • contact forms & newsletter sign up
  • full access of site will be given to client
  • 2 rounds of changes
  • 1-3 days turnaround of first poof of design options. 22 working days from brief to live site


  • 1 website: monthly fee over 12 months
  • 150 GB disk space
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Up to 20 Mailboxes POP3 / IMAP
  • Webmail on all mailboxes
  • 20 sub domains
  • 1 x SSL Certificate
  • dedicated hosting and different packages upon request


  • completely new design using your company branding
  • HR system integrated: leave, company information, team section, performance area (more info upon request)
  • build of additional 5 x responsive pages
  • full access of site will be given to client
  • 2 rounds of changes
  • 1-3 days turnaround of first poof of design options. 22 working days from brief to live site


  • monthly maintenance and support of website
  • install & monitor security measures
  • 2 hours
  • updates to applications and site
  • regular backups and restore
  • priority on urgent requests


  • completely new design using your company branding
  • build of 1 x fully responsive page
  • contact forms and newsletter sign up
  • full access of site will be given to client
  • 2 rounds of changes
  • 1-3 days turnaround of first poof of design options. 7 working days from brief to live site


  • Monthly search engine optimisation
  • SEO testing and auditing
  • URL structure and character check
  • Optimisation of on-page text and content
  • Internal link optimisation
  • Duplicate content analysis
  • Organic traffic boosting via articles / new pages / white papers
  • Monthly progress reports tailored to you - enabling you to keep track of website traffic volumes and keyword positions in the search engines


  • completely new design using your company branding
  • build of 5 x responsive pages
  • pull current blogs across into new website
  • contact forms & newsletter sign up
  • full access of site will be given to client
  • 2 rounds of changes
  • 1-3 days turnaround of first poof of design options, 20 working days from brief to live site

Whatever changes you would like done, nothing is too big or small. Be it once off changes or regular requests, that is what we're here for.









Upon request

All our websites come with all access so that you can make your own amends if that is what you want. Our prices are ex vat so please note that this will be added when we send you an official invoice. Also this is a guide to help you budget, once we get a clearer picture of exactly what it is that you require, we will then send you an official quote to approve. Request a quote and get the ball rolling.

ecommerce icon

eCommerce website

Order an online shop

Let us build you an eCommerce website

from £1,650



Give your website a safe home

Host your website on a UK based secure server

monthly from £15



Consolidate all your internal communication

Set up an HR and intranet system to streamline your business

from £1,300

maintainance plan icon

Maintenance Plan

Keeping our site healthy

Hand over the stress of website maintenance

from £105

one page website icon

One page website

Get noticed on line – fast and beautifully

Let's get going on your new one page website

from £700


SEO plan

Tell Google who you are so that your clients can find you

Push your website up the rankings to get seen

from £600


Website design

Built and ready to go

Start the process of developing your 5 page website

from £1,350

website updates icon

Website updates

Make changes: copy, images & layout

Keep your website fresh, make some changes

Price upon request

Have a requirement that isn't featured?

Though we have covered our primary service offerings, there is so much more under the hood. Please contact us with your unique request. You may have an end goal but not sure how to get there; we are always happy to help.

Here are some tips on what to include in your brief to us

We want you to get what you want from your website. We can take your brief over the phone at a convenient time for you, or if you would prefer, you can send it to us via email. We will require the following:

  • Deadline: Your deadline drives us. We do everything in our power to meet this date or ideally, we like to deliver early.
  • What kind of website: How many pages do you need on your website? What is your end goal? We will advise you so that you get the most out of your website.
  • Content: Please give us your copy. We can supply this for you if your budget allows but please note it is essential not to use too many words – we will guide you on this.
  • Photography: You are welcome to use any of our images within our bank of royalty-free images at no cost, but if you require something special, please supply this to us.
  • Branding / style guide: Do you have existing branding that you want us to follow: logo, fonts, colours, styling? Please send us your brand requirements, and we will keep as close to your brand as you want us to (or push it even further if you would prefer).
  • Infographics: Your artwork may require an illustrated image. If you would like us to create something specifically for a particular page, do let us know.
  • Call to action: We must include contact details so that your clients can connect with you. So, please do let us know which contact details are this.
  • Hosting: While we offer hosting, we are happy to host with your existing vendor if you prefer. Please submit your hosting details to us so that we can build your website on your chosen platform.