Writing a design brief

mand looking at breif ideas

So you’re a new client looking forward to working with us, but you don’t know how to write a comprehensive and useful brief. Not to worry, here are a few tips on what to include and why.

Writing a design brief can be a difficult task, even for those who feel confident about their brand. It is a vital communication tool between you and us, so having a well written brief will make, not only obtaining a quote easier, but also the design journey after that a lot smoother. It will make sure that everybody is on the same page, understanding the goals and objectives of the project.

What to include:

  • A brief overview of your business – the sector you’re in, what you do and why, your target audience and what makes you unique within your field.
  • The problem that needs solving – If you have a current design, why do you think it’s not working. If starting from scratch, what problems do you want to avoid in the future.
  • The objectives – Why are you doing this project? What are your goals? If we know the desired outcome we can instill creative strategies to help you reach those goals.
  • Details about your target audience and market – This will help us solve problems for your customers through the design and build stages. How old are they? Gender? Location? Income? What appeals to them and why?
  • Competitor information – Who is your biggest competition? We can then see what works for them and what doesn’t, as well as avoiding looking too similar. We want you to stand out for the right reasons, but also fit in to the sector you belong to.
  • Project timescales – If you have an event or specific deadline you’d need the work completed by, please do let us know in advance to avoid a rush job. With website projects in particular, things tend to take a little longer to fully complete, so the earlier we know your requirements the better.
  • Content and specifications – If you have specific images and fonts that you’d like us to use, please send these through along with your brand guidelines (if you have them). Does the item need to be a particular size, for example a poster that has to fit in a certain space?
  • Your budget – By being clear with your budget early on in the process, we can offer a suitable approach to your design needs and quote accordingly. We are happy to offer fair and simple payment plans that work for you and your business.
  • Contact information – Who will be managing this project and how can we contact them. A phone number and email address is perfect and if you’d like any face-to-face meetings, also include an address – we’d love to meet you!

We want to ensure that all of our clients finish a project with us feeling fulfilled and excited by  the outcome. A clear brief is the best way to produce a great high-quality and suitable result.